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Double Cam Window Lock


Simple Straightforward Security


The ERA Double Cam is simple, straightforward high security window lock solution, tested in excess of PAS 24. Choose reliable, long lasting performance and peace of mind with window locks from ERA.

Designed for ease of fabrication


Double Cam, requires no complicated routing. The non-croppable bar is fitted with 8mm double cams that can be adjusted onsite.

Tested in excess of PAS 24 with a central anti-lift pin providing additional security to prevent jemmying attacks on the window.


Unidirectional 'Double Locking' Cams


Up to three sets of double locking cams, provide strength and security along the whole length of the window.

The unique super keep, fitted with a steel top plate, a wrap around fixing and a composite underbelly, means the Double Cam Window Lock, exceeds the requirements for PAS 24.


Featuring a central anti-lift pin


That provides additional security, preventing jemmying attacks on the window and aids bar alignment, for quick and simple fabrication.

Anti-lift blocks are available in 13mm and 17mm heights.


In situ, lock and keep combinations have been tested to 3KN force, in excess of the requirements of PAS 24, without the need to fit additional shootbolts. Choose reliable, long lasting performance and peace of mind with window locks from ERA.

Find Out More

To find our more about the Double Cam Window Lock or how we can help with independent UKAS testing to the latest PAS 24 standards, please contact your local area sales manager or one of our team, using the form below. 


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