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Casement Window Security

ERA has a complete TOTAL SECURITY solution for your casement windows. From a wide choice of lock side security that uses bolts and cams to clamp the window tightly to the frame; combined with standard or egress hinges and hingeguards that lock the window into opposing corners for a complete PAS 24 solution.

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Lock Side Security

Flexible high security locking solutions from ERA, gives you a choice of the Double Cam PAS 24 lock or for a shootbolt solution, the Extreme range of window locks gives you have a choice of an Extreme cam only lock, an Extreme2 centre deadbolt or Extreme3 centre deadbolt and cams. For maximum choice when selecting your PAS  24 window lock*.

Extreme is also a non croppable shootbolt system making fabrication easier and quicker and with heavy duty shootbolts you have a window with maximum security and minimum effort.

You can also enhance your window even further with the addition of 3D locking cams for round-the-corner security. 

* Shootbolts must be included in the guaranteed package of hardware (including security plates) if required for PAS 24.

Hinge Side Security

The combination of the Horizon friction stay or ERA Friction Stay and your choice of either Hingeguard or Security Bolt gives you a flexible PAS 24 hinge side security*. The Horizon and ERA hinges are available in either standard operation or egress/ easy clean depending on your requirements.  

* Hingeguard or bolt must be included in the package of guaranteed hardware if required for PAS 24. 

Elite Hingeguard

More options available

More Information

Choice of Window Handles

With the widest choice of window furniture you can add the Connoisseur, Maxim, Monkey Tail or Tear Drop to your window for that finishing touch. We have handed or inline handles available and the Fab&Fix handles are finished in Hardex for that perfectly matching home

Total Security Window Package

With your PAS 24 window security package you can also take advantage of our ERA Total Security peace of mind guarantee


Giving your customers the confidence that fitting the right hardware delivers the ultimate in home security, with a Total Security guarantee to match.


With clear benefits to you the fabricator:

  • Differentiation that adds value at no extra cost
  • A complete package of PAS 24 window hardware


Plus, ultimate peace of mind for the homeowner:

In the event of a break-in due to security hardware failure, we guarantee:

  • Full replacement of the damaged window
  • A £5,000 compensation cheque Valid for the lifetime of the window
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UKAS Test House

We can test your windows to the latest PAS 024 standards too

More Information