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ERA Touchkey

Versatile Door Security

ERA TouchKey is a brand new highly secure versatile keyless entry and exit solution, that uses multi-level authentication. It combines traditional mechanical door hardware with world-renowned smarter technology, offering a new way to access a home without needing a key.

Plus  . . . a physical hidden key override for the ultimate peace of mind. Each TouchKey handle is supplied with three keys and handy keyrings to remove the decorative cylinder cap. 


The handle is battery-powered. All wiring is contained in the handle, no need for an electrician. Push notifications via the smartphone when batteries are running low. 

Three Part Door Solution

Smarter Door Handle

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Auto Fire MPL

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Anti-bump Cylinder

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Multiple Entry Methods


Advanced fingerprint technology to grant instant access.

  • Store up to 50 prints and each user's fingerprint is named within the app for clarity
  • Self-learning smart fingerprint technology establishes robust user recognition by learning and adapting the characteristics of an enrolled fingerprint template through valid verification over time
  • A fingerprint is encrypted in code (not as an image) when captured. It is stored locally on the device for security and privacy
  • Waterproof sensor to IP66 with a hydrophobic coating to prevent water from settling on the sensor 

Geolocation technology provides auto unlocking capabilities.

  • Auto unlocking capabilities based on the proximity of the smartphone to the door
  • Once within range, a trusted digital ekey allows access to the property without taking the smartphone out of a pocket
  • Sophisticated technology ensures that when at home, the door cannot be unlocked by someone else when you are within range

Unlock the door with a single touch with the ERA Smart Home app.

  • Integrate TouchKey with the wider ERA smart products to allow remote unlocking of the door via the alarm hub*
  • Allow temporary access so the homeowner doesn’t have to be at home. Perfect for time-limited access for friends or family members when on holiday
  • Grant timed or instant access for workers, cleaners or even for a home delivery
  • User has full permission to control and monitor who has access to the property and track the activity of who’s entered and at what time

*Requires additional Communications Module and a separate ERA Smart Hub for remote unlocking 

Voice unlock capabilities.

  • Compatible with Siri for iPhone
  • Simple command using voice recognition will unlock your door
  • Command can be personalised
  • Easy set up

With built-in security features across the whole system


Welcome to the next generation of smarter technology.

TouchKey has been designed to work in harmony, the lock, handle and cylinder all work seamlessly together to create a new generation of smarter door locking. Designed specifically for your new composite or timber door installation, we've taken security to the next level. 

  • Within the ERA smart home app, a user has full permission to control and monitor who has access to the property and track the activity of who’s entered and at what time
  • All digital ekeys are created securely on ERA’s cloud platform and not stored on the phone or handle, creating a two-factor authentication with ERA’s server when anyone enters the property to prevent security breaches 
  • Self-learning smart fingerprint technology establishes robust user recognition every time. By learning and adapting the characteristics of an enrolled fingerprint template through valid verification over time, it evolves with you
  • The smarter handle uses Bluetooth to communicate with the smartphone, rather than relying on a WiFi or a data connection
  • Platform, app and handle are fully GDPR and PSTI compliant

Plus, independent certification.

ERA TouchKey is one of the first to achieve the Residential Smart Locking Devices Kitemark that combines the BSI IoT (Internet of Things) and TS 621 Kitemark for smart technology. Independently tested and accredited to give our customers the ultimate reassurance in TouchKey and the ERA cloud platform. TouchKey has also been awarded the Secure Connected Device Accreditation from Secured By Design.  


Smart security: BSI IoT Kitemark

Mechanical security with smart locking: TS 621

Secure Connected Device

TouchKey elements . . . the smarter door handle

Fitted with an array of smarter technology, we've not neglected the security features of the handle and its visual appeal.

  • The forged steel handle backplate and hardened plates protect against the removal of the handle and access to the lock
  • The anti-snap feature on the spindle prevents access to the gearbox if an intruder tries to apply a load to rotate the spindle
  • Fully battery operated; all wiring is contained within the handle (CR123 batteries x 4, supplied)
  • Each handle has the option of a smooth or quilted effect battery cover
  • If removal is attempted, there is an audible deterrent that will also trigger the ERA Protect alarm (if fitted)
  • Choice of Fab&Fix patented Hardex finishes
  • Supplied handed, perfectly suited to left and right hung timber and composite doors, secured with M6 security screws

TouchKey elements . . . the auto fire multi-point door lock

Auto fire technology supports the handle, securing the whole door at multiple locations along the door edge. 

  • Shutting the door engages the trigger and fires all six locking points, including the central deadbolt into keeps
  • To release, simply use either one of the smart entry functions, external key override or internal thumbturn
  • The uni-directional throw of hooks provides an enhanced anti-jemmy feature
  • Twin hooks are tapered with anti-jemmy, anti-saw protection and hardened anti-drill inserts
  • All hooks will auto deadlock once activated for anti-separation resistance

TouchKey elements . . . the anti-bump thumbturn cylinder

The cylinder has been specifically designed to work alongside the TouchKey handle and door lock to provide a complete door solution. 

  • Designed with 6 pin ‘bumping’ resistance security, it features anti pick, anti plug and anti drill protection 
  • Large ergonomically designed extended thumbturn is shaped for comfort
  • The light torque ensures that the cylinder is easy to operate and smoothly turns to retract all locking hooks and the deadbolt simultaneously
  • One turn exit with a simple thumbturn action
  • The door is automatically secure once closed 
  • Supplied with 3 keys complete with a key tag to remove the decorative cylinder cover cap

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