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Schlegel Weatherseals

With almost 50 years of global experience in design and manufacture, Schlegel weatherseals have become the industry’s first choice for foam, brush and extruded seals.

For detailed product information on the Schlegel range, visit www.schlegel.com

Contact Schlegel

Foam Weatherseals (Qlon & Aquamac): Schlegel Henlow 

Sales and Information Telephone: 01462 815500 (Option 2) 

Email: [email protected]


Pile Weatherseals (Woolpile, Brushpile etc): Schlegel Aycliffe

Sales and Information Telephone: 01325 310151 (Option 2) 

Email: [email protected]


Website: www.schlegel.com

Schlegel Q-Lon WeathersealThe unique Q-Lon seal has been developed in consultation with customers to offer the widest range of polyurethane (PU) foam seals possible for timber, PVC and aluminium windows and doors, window covering products and interior design. The unique design has made Q-Lon the seal of choice for many applications.

Made with a unique combination of materials and with technical performance unparalleled by any other material used in seals, Schlegel Q-Lon offers the highest standard of sealing function – even under extreme conditions. Continuous research and development, as well as strict material inspection and quality inspections, have made Q-Lon one of the best established sealing systems in the industry today.

Q-Lon foam seals – the ultimate benefi ts in material and function:

  • Excellent memory – returns to original shape after compression
  • Stability – low / no stretch gained by rigid insert or glass fi bre internal cord
  • Easily compressed – low compression forces, unaffected by temperature variance
  • Acoustics – outstanding acoustic performance
  • Thermal conductivity – unrivalled thermal performance
  • Paint and stain proof – properties unaffected by standard paints and stains
  • Stabilised – unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light or ozone
  • Colours – white, black, brown, grey and many other options
  • Temperatures – wide operating range under extremely cold and warm weather conditions

For further information on Foam Weatherseals please visit www.schlegel.com or to download a copy of the Foam brochure click here. 

Schlegel Pile Weatherseal

We have a long history of manufacturing an extensive range of woven brush pile seals and extruded sealing profiles with brush pile for application in the fenestration industry, window covering business, interior design and other areas. Pile fibres move independently and are flexible, they seal perfectly against moving elements and also uneven surfaces.

Early in the previous century, pile weather strips were developed for use in revolving doors. The first types were made from wool with a cotton backing (so-called wool pile). In recent years, demands regarding draught proofing and durability in the building industry have increased, and the products developed accordingly.

All Schlegel brush pile seals are now made from polypropylene (PP) and come with numerous options:

  • Available in many different widths and heights
  • Reinforced woven backing, extruded base for optimal ease of insertion or carrier profile
  • With optional adhesive backing based on hot-melt (HM) glue technology
  • PP yarn treated with silicone to resist water, mould and mildew
  • Different densities depending on seal type, width and mounting distance
  • Standard soft multifilament yarn in many different colours
  • Untreated monofilament yarn for increased stiffness
  • Heat set for recovery after compression
  • UV stable and chemically inert
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and static build-up and low friction for improved sliding performance
  • Optional central or lateral fins for additional draught proofing

For further information on Pile Weatherseals visit www.schlegel.com or to download a copy of the Pile brochure or data sheets, please select from the below: 

Schlegel Extruded Seals

In our range of extruded seals, a variety of materials and manufacturing processes are combined to achieve the optimal combination of
product characteristics. The Lozaron extrusions are made of different plastic compounds and can be combined with the Poly-Bond brush pile and Q-Lon foam technologies as outlined. The products are traditionally applied in the fenestration and building industry, but also in the window covering and automotive sectors.

Extruded Seals: surprising versatility with or without pile and foam technology. The extruded seal range incorporates 4 different brands:

1. Poly-Bond (PB)
This range consists of different PP, PVC or ABS profiles which can be kerf or surface mounted. In many cases, the added brush pile is available in different heights and colours and may also be combined with fins for enhanced sealing performance. Typically, this range can be found in sliding doors and windows, but it can also be used in ventilation systems and other industrial applications.

2. Nova-Seal (NS)
Nova-Seal is a PP / TPE co-extrusion that incorporates a unique closed cell polyurethane foam strip, and which also offers a very high deflection recovery due to the properties of the foam. Nova-Seal products are available for a range of different frame, sash and glazing applications.

3. Q-Lon (QL)
Independent testing repeatedly shows that the flexible Q-Lon polyurethane foam seals offer the highest deflection recovery known to the weather seal industry. By combining this technology with a rigid polypropylene profile, we are able to offer the traditional benefits of the Q-Lon seal with the ease of installation benefits associated with extruded profiles. The range, formerly marketed as MAOF, is suitable
for timber windows with 3 mm grooves and comes in different rebate and foam sizes.

4. Lozaron (LF) (LP) (LS) (LT) (LV)
The Lozaron seals consist of a range of TPE, foamed TPE, polypropylene or silicone profiles. Each of these materials has specific benefits which can be applied to the fenestration industry, be in for internal applications, external doors or sun protection for example. For the window industry there are Lozaron TPE extrusions with flexible microcell foam (LF). The Lozaron TPE (LT) extruded profiles without foam have a more universal application and are typically found in French (double) windows and doors for example.

The Lozaron silicone (LS) seals are most commonly applied in external entry doors, where their resilience to deformation and temperature is crucial. Lozaron polypropylene (LP) and PVC (LV) extrusions come in many different forms and grades. The versatility of these materials meet the demands of many customers in the fenestration, as well as in the window covering, furnitureand automotive industries.

For further information on Extrusions please visit www.schlegel.com or to download a copy of the Extrusions brochure click here.