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Certified door hardware for all manufacturers

Selecting the right certified door hardware isn’t always an easy decision. With so many changes in standards, it's hard to know what to choose. Add to that changing design trends and consumer requirements in terms of finish and style, you have an array of hardware options that might seem daunting.

As leading hardware manufacturers it’s our responsibility to support our customers in achieving compliance with the latest standards. Whilst simultaneously providing their homeowners with the highest standards of protection.

To achieve this goal, we pulled together a portfolio of complementary high-security hardware, achieved without losing sight of the importance of visual appeal. 

Security Door Cylinders and Door Handles

Understanding the numerous certifications available for cylinders, such as standards set by BSI, technical standards, and independent accreditations can be a complex task. To simplify, technical standard TS 007 sets out minimum requirements, giving products either a 1, 2 or 3 Star rating depending on security performance.

To protect a door against known methods of forced entry, including picking, manipulation, extraction, bumping and snapping. Singularly, door lock cylinders may achieve one or three stars, depending on their performance. Whilst security hardware such as security door handles, etc. may achieve a two star rating.

To defend against an opportunist burglar, a cumulative rating of three stars is the minimum required. Measured as overall security performance. For example, to achieve the minimum three-star rating, you can secure a door with either:

  • 1 star door lock cylinder with a 2 star security door handle or
  • 3 star door lock cylinder

For manufacturers and consumers alike, this visual star indicator and this guidance, allow them to make a more informed choice about security.


Offering a choice for 3 Star security

ERA has a range of different TS 007 solutions to maximise the opportunity for compliance. Two high-security TS 007 3 Star cylinders are available, both offering maximum protection against known methods of attack, such as snapping, bumping, picking, and drilling.

Alternatively, the ERA TS 007 1 Star anti-bump cylinder can be used with the Fab&Fix Berwick 2 Star security door handle to meet the cumulative 3 Star rating.

The clever design of the Berwick door handle creates a barrier to protect the cylinder. Acting as a critical visual deterrent to prevent any unwanted interest. The sculptured backplate design discourages any unwelcome attention from mole grips and the shape makes gripping the backplate difficult and removal of the external handle impossible. 

Security Letterplates

Let’s turn our attention to letterplate compliance. Who would have thought that such a practical item could also pose a potential security risk? Technical standard TS 008 outlines a specific testing methodology to ensure a letterplate resists a method of attack called ‘fishing.’

The process of fishing involves using a hook or similar device to retrieve a set of keys that have been either placed on a nearby surface or within the door itself. The keys are then skilfully manoeuvred through the letterbox.

Designed to prevent this type of access, the Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield TS 008 security letterplate from ERA, has a restricted flap. The design ensures maximum protection against potential 'fishing' attacks, while also ensuring clear access, for postal items and provides a sleek, modern look. It automatically shuts when not in use, thus preventing any damage to the walls inside.

Chains and Restrictors

A door chain may seem a reasonably old-fashioned approach to security. But it seems they still have their day. And, for customers where a door chain is a must, providing a compliant product is essential. Luckily the TS 003 technical standard provides assurances, that a chain or restrictor that meets this standard is heavy-duty and up to the task. 

ERA has a choice of two TS 003 door security devices, that can be fitted to new or existing doors. Limiting the initial opening of the door for safety, they have gone through independent tests to make sure the door can withstand intense and repeated usage.

Style Vs Substance

Certified doesn’t have to be ugly. Although all of these components were designed to provide optimum security, the style wasn’t neglected. The TS 003 Door Chains and Restrictors, Berwick security door handle and Nu Mail Shield Letterplate are styled to sit within the Fab&Fix furniture range.

That features a variety of components - from hinges and numerals to knockers - that can be perfectly matched, with an extensive selection of finishes. This allows users to create a unified look when replacing or installing hardware, with over 200 compatible products.

Sarah Knight, ERA Product Manager, comments: “Our furniture is highly acclaimed for its superior quality, practicality, and attractive design, ensuring that customers' expectations are always met. The range of certified solutions demonstrates our ability to provide products that not only meet the most demanding performance standards but also deliver on visual appeal.”


Extra peace of mind

Offering products that not only satisfy the highest performance requirements but also look attractive is also important for retrofit projects. Installers should be aware of the need to fit certified solutions to existing doors, either as part of a full renovation or to increase security.>

ERA offers TS 008 letterplate solutions, TS 003 chains and restrictors, and TS 007 certified cylinders and handles. For further details, please visit the Certified Solutions info page.