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Setting the standard for security and aesthetics

The Door Hardware Federation (dhf) estimates two-thirds of the UK’s 45 million residential doors are vulnerable to attack. Here Sarah Knight, Product Manager at ERA, explores how door manufacturers can meet the dhf’s latest technical standards, whilst simultaneously reflecting current design trends, by specifying certified suites of high-security hardware from a single provider.

As homeowners continue to return to normality, the amount of time they spend away from their property is increasing. However, their fear of burglary is also rising, with the 2021 Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey identifying 67% of respondents are worried about becoming a victim of burglary, and that this type of crime remains the greatest area of concern.

Certified solutions

As a result, individuals are looking to improve the security of their homes to deter potential burglary attempts. Door manufacturers can here aid homeowners in ensuring their home is protected to the highest standards by working with hardware suppliers who provide a complete package of certified door hardware that complies with the dhf’s newest technical standards and are available in a range of diverse finishes. 


For cylinders and associated hardware, door manufacturers should choose a 3* solution by fitting a 3* cylinder, or a 1* cylinder in combination with a 2* security door handle that protects the cylinder behind a specifically designed backplate with added strength that discourages unwanted attention from mole grips.


With regard to letterplates, door manufacturers should specify products that have been independently certified to the latest TS 008:2015 standard, which requires a restricted flap to prevent access through the letterplate via fishing or reaching, without constraining access for postal items.


To offer homeowners enhanced peace of mind, fabricators can also recommend additional security hardware such as door restrictors and door chains, which have been independently tested to TS 003:2012 and are physically proven to help protect against forced entry.  


However, whilst providing customers with the highest possible standards of security is the main priority, this shouldn’t have to be achieved at the compromise of aesthetics. The importance of kerb appeal is stronger than ever, as homeowners continue to become braver with their design choices. By working with a hardware provider that offers a certified suite of high-security solutions that are compatible with a variety of door types and available in a range of finishes and designs, door manufacturers can ensure they meet the tastes of every customer. 


Style and substance

For example, by choosing TS 008 certified letterplates that are supplied in separate internal and external sections, customers can choose different finishes to complement both interior and exterior door colours, which are often different. High performance finishes such as antique black, bronze, gold or graphite, which are also available across the wider hardware ranges, help to support door manufacturers in meeting the visual requirements of both traditional and contemporary houses.


For homeowners looking to add real value to their properties, it is crucial the hardware not only looks good but continues to provide the same high quality finish for years to come. Here fabricators should look to work with hardware providers which have invested in anti-corrosion testing to achieve the highest possible standards of durability and longevity. 


Going above and beyond neutral salt spray testing, ERA’s prohesion testing process includes an electrolyte spray sequence with drying cycles at high temperatures to concentrate salt deposits, achieving real world accelerated testing. As a result, the Fab&Fix unique Hardex finish is supplied with a 10 year function, finish and security guarantee after undergoing 1000 hours of prohesion testing.


ERA’s independently certified high-security hardware includes its new TS 008 letterplate, TS 007 Berwick High Security 2* Door Handle and TS 003 Door Restrictor and Door Chain, which are available in a range of Hardex finishes that perfectly match over 200 hardware and door and window furniture products within the Fab&Fix portfolio. This is bolstered by ERA’s new High Security 3* Euro Profile Cylinder, which is supplied with a £2,000 anti-snap guarantee.