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Three is the magic number

The Door Hardware Federation (dhf) estimates two-thirds of the UK’s 45 million residential doors are vulnerable to attack. As post-lockdown homeowners across the UK look to increase the security of their properties, Dorian Wilmore, Business Development Manager at ERA, explores how merchants can maximise sales opportunities by stocking certified suited solutions that achieve 3* security.

As homeowners continue to return to normality, the amount of time they spend away from their property is increasing, whether they are returning to the office or enjoying holidays once more. However, their fear of burglary is also rising, with the 2021 Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey identifying that 67% of respondents are worried about becoming a victim of burglary and that this type of crime remains the greatest area of concern.


According to the latest Office for National Statistics data, doors remain the top method of entry for domestic burglaries, accounting for 76% of incidents in 2019/20. By improving door security, householders are better protected and can enjoy greater peace of mind that their home is secure.


So, what can merchants, trade professionals and homeowners do to enhance the security of entrance doors? Today, the answer lies in the magic number three.  


3* security

For homeowners looking to upgrade the locks on their doors, a 3* solution that is certified to TS 007, is the highest level of certification currently available, should be recommended to provide first class protection and peace of mind.


There are two ways that this can be achieved.


The first is by installing a 2* TS 007 security handle in conjunction with a 1* cylinder. This option is a popular choice for homeowners looking to replace their existing handle, as both elements can be easily retrofitted onto existing doors.


A 2* high security door handle will protect against attack, with some models featuring a sculptured backplate that discourages unwanted attention from mole grips. The addition of a hidden strengthening plate also helps prevent the removal of the external handle.


Retrofit is easy. 2* high security handles are available with all necessary fixings and in 44mm and 70mm versions for fast and convenient installation on a wide variety of PVCu and composite door profiles.


By also recommending a 1* anti-bump cylinder, merchants can help meet the recommended TS 007 3* security level. Lock bumping remains a common method of attack amongst burglars and a 1* cylinder provides resistance against this method, whilst also preventing entry via drilling and picking.


The second route to achieving 3* security is by recommending a 3* cylinder that is suitable for use with a wide range of existing door handles, can be retrofitted and doesn’t require the addition of a security handle.


3* cylinders provide protection against all known lock snapping and bumping techniques and are suitable for installation in a wide range of timber, composite, aluminium and PVCu doors.


To ensure homeowners achieve 3* security, merchants should stock 3* cylinders that have been independently tested and certified in accordance with TS 007:2014+A2:2018 and EN 1303:2015. The latest cylinder designs include methods to protect the central cam to ensure the cylinder remains locked, whilst anti-pick and anti-bump security pins and anti-drill rods provide exceptional resistance against the most common types of attack.


The inclusion of an external snap line also ensures the internal side of the cylinder stays intact, even when the external half of the cylinder is broken. This allows the user to continue to operate the cylinder from the inside, even after an attack.


ERA’s new High Security 3* Euro Profile Cylinder, which is supplied with a £2,000 anti-snap guarantee, is available in single, double or thumbturn sizes to ensure merchants meet the requirements of every homeowner. The cylinder is also available in four colour options - satin chrome, polished chrome, satin brass and dual coloured to suit a diverse range of handle types with a Euro profile design.

The extra mile

To offer homeowners enhanced peace of mind, merchants can also recommend additional security hardware such as door restrictors and door chains, which are easy to install and have been independently tested to TS 003:2012 to help protect against forced entry. 


Designed to limit the initial opening of an external door to allow homeowners to safely identify and speak with visitors without granting access, heavy duty door chains and restrictors can provide extra security. They can protect the integrity of a door in distraction burglary situations where extreme and repeated force may be applied.


Whilst providing individuals with the highest possible standards of security is the main priority, homeowners are also looking to maintain the kerb appeal of their properties. Merchants can help customers achieve this by working with hardware providers that offer a certified suite of high security solutions that are compatible with a variety of door types and available in a range of finishes and designs.


ERA has recently extended its premium range of Fab&Fix suited hardware to support merchants in meeting design and security-conscious customers’ requirements. The range includes the new Berwick High Security 2* Door Handle and TS 003 door security devices, which are available in a range of Hardex finishes including gold, bronze, graphite and satin. The finishes perfectly match over 200 hardware products within the Fab&Fix portfolio.