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The Time is Now for Smart Home Security Solutions

Connected devices have gained traction with consumers who continue to reap the benefits of their convenience. And as smart technology develops in line with increasing demand, these solutions will continue to offer more in the way of convenience, security and reliability. Here, Sumier Foster-Shah, Product Support Manager at ERA, talks about the increasing popularity of smart home security solutions and why now is the time to be adopting such technology.

Many people are becoming dependent on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to assist them in their day-to-day lives. From tracking daily step counts, to driving cars, and even monitoring a pet’s movements, technology is becoming the answer to a multitude of problems. Not least to issues in and around the home, including keeping property and possessions secure. In fact, according to Security Sales and Integration, the estimated global spend on smart home security systems will reach £35.6 billion by 2024; double that of 2020. This is a real indicator of just how seriously homeowners are taking their security. 

A Sign of the Times

With so much of their home lives becoming digitised, there is very little doubt that consumers will lean more towards smart options when protecting their home from outside threats for ease and reassurance.

Not only this but recent changes to lifestyle trends are also set to impact the heightened call for smart home security devices. For example, in 2022, insurance experts Lycetts predicted a surge in burglaries because properties are beginning to become more frequently unoccupied as the world continues to open up following the pandemic and homeowners are spending more time away from their properties. Additionally, according to information taken from a 2022 national strategy paper, financial instability caused by cost-of-living crisis is expected to result in increased criminal activity too, particularly in terms of burglaries and thefts.

With this in mind, homeowners are set to require heightened protection to ensure their living space, possessions and most importantly, their loved ones, are kept safe, by way of smart home solutions.

The Time is Now

With these socio-economic factors creating a ‘perfect storm’, it is likely that homeowners will become increasingly concerned with protecting their homes and ensuring their household’s safety. Combined with the influx of smart devices that make this easier than ever, it is crucial that door manufacturers ensure that customers can purchase all-in-one security solutions that not only offer peace of mind, but provide tried and tested protection against attempts to gain access to the home.

Taking the aforementioned smart home security statistics into consideration, it is evident that homeowners are willing to invest in quality security methods. Therefore, fabricators must ensure that consumers are offered the very latest advancements in connected solutions to protect the things they hold dear, or risk losing out to the competition.

The Trusted TouchKey

This is where ERA’s TouchKey comes in. This next-generation keyless door solution combines traditional mechanical door hardware with multi-level authentication technology to deliver maximum security.

It is the only system of its kind to combine five different entry methods into a single door handle. This includes bio-metric technology, which grants access by analysing registered fingerprints. The TouchKey solution can also be unlocked via Bluetooth using geolocation technology, app activation and voice unlock. For those who prefer more conventional methods, but still want the very best in home protection, a hidden manual key override can also be used.

Years of research and development from the team of home security experts at ERA has resulted in a product so secure that it is one of the first on the market to gain the BSI Kitemark™ for Smart Residential Locking Devices, going that one step further in giving customers peace of mind.

Whilst security was the leading consideration for the TouchKey, its aesthetics haven’t been compromised. TouchKey is available in all Fab&Fix Hardex Chrome and Graphite finishes, complementing over 200 products in the range.

TouchKey revolutionises the market’s offering with its technical, mechanical and design prowess; offering homeowners the highest standard in home security, with sleek aesthetics to boot.

For further information on TouchKey visit our dedicated TouchKey Page.