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Smart technology is here to stay

Only a few years ago, having remote-controlled operating systems within your home was an almost fanciful idea, yet today, smart heating, lighting and entertainment systems are an everyday reality for many people.

Now, home security is next in line to undergo a tech transformation and consumers will begin to experience previously unattainable levels of convenience not usually associated with security products.


With the help of ERA, the home security specialist, manufacturers now have the opportunity to offer discrete yet effective home security solutions, with all the benefits that smartware brings, to their customers.

Innovation is key

Jemma Booker, marketing manager at ERA said, ‘Innovation is integral to ERA’s philosophy and the company’s smartware range, which includes alarms, intercoms and soon-to-be-launched smart locks, provides the cutting-edge security technology that consumers now demand.’

Smart alarms and more…

From the Valiant Solar Siren Starter Alarm Kit to the impressive Invincible Dual Network Alarm System, the full range of ERA wireless alarm kits allows a user to control and monitor the home from anywhere in the world using a simple smartphone app. Featuring an adaptable, modular design, ERA smart alarm kits can be extended to incorporate a range of accessories, including additional sensors, sirens, vibration and water detectors as well as an IP HD security camera.


Jemma explained, ‘Being wireless is a real advantage for installers and end users alike, since most ERA alarm kits can be plugged into the mains and set up via the integrated control panel. Just a few simple steps make it easy to secure the home.’

Cloud-based first

ERA’s recently launched HomeGuard Pro ‘plug and play’ alarm brings all the benefit of our ERA smartphone intruder alarms, but with cloud capabilities to bring even more simplicity and control.


With no control panel, just a hub, there is no complicated set up as this is all done via smartphone app and should the panel ever become damaged, all settings and data are safely stored in the cloud.


The Cloud also enables the monitoring of multiple hubs from one account, meaning quick-flip viewing of different locations can be done in seconds.  This is possible as it’s no longer the app talking to the panel via SMS or GPRS, it’s the app talking to the Cloud which can hold the data from multiple hubs and report back to you fluidly on them all.

Homeguard with box.jpg

Even better still, the super-fast communication means in the event of an intrusion, HomeGuard Pro will simultaneously alert all stored contacts and provide real time data. 


With quick and easy home security management you can log in, flip between IP cameras, review arm/disarm logs, all at the touch of a button. Also, as new integrations are released, or new features become available, the hub can simply be upgraded via the Cloud with no need for replacement or physical adaptions.

An eye on the future

Another key difference is that the cloud, similarly to a ‘middle-man’, allows communication with other smart devices that a local alarm wouldn’t easily be able to do.  Compatible with Lightwave home automation, HomeGuard Pro allows you to automate arm and disarm functionality with your smarthome - lighting, heating etc. So for example, when the system is armed, all lights can be turned off and heating decreased while away from home and then reversed when the system is disarmed.  


Expanding even further with the integration of DoorCam, a Smart WiFi Video Doorbell and soon-to-be-launched TouchKey, a Keyless Smart Lock brings to life a fully integrated suite of ERA Smart Home products combining security with smart living.


Jemma said, ‘This is a real step forward in smart security, made possible through Cloud-based technology.  The sector continues to develop rapidly and ERA has worked hard to provide a robust, affordable product which can move with the times.  We are proud that today’s integrations make HomeGuard Pro the first of its kind to market, but there is a lot more to come, all of which our cloud firmware updates will allow us to seamlessly deploy.


‘The connected home is here to stay and now is the ideal time for manufacturers to get on board with the latest developments so that they are fully prepared for the demands of the consumer.’