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Security Door Handles, style or substance?

Choice is in abundance when it comes to door handles, what style, what colour, what brand? But do we consider security? Security door handles have increased in popularity in the last few years with the rise of cylinder bumping and snapping.

The need to protect the cylinder from providing quick access to the home is becoming more important. And, for retrofit applications, the ability to upgrade existing security easily is a must. 

Homeowners need to be more mature when it comes to understanding the different elements of their door. Many consider the multi-point door lock and the lock cylinder to be one unit providing their home with security. They may not understand these are different elements. The simple act of updating or choosing the right lock, cylinder and door handle for their door can make a huge difference in terms of security.

The combination of a high security anti-snap cylinder, and a standard door handle provides adequate security for any door. Or a combination of an anti-bump cylinder and a security door handle can provide the same protection in a slightly different way.

The introduction of a security handle acts as a barrier to protect the cylinder. Shielding access to manipulate the cylinder and lock, to gain access to a home. Often, they have some form of strengthened backplate to hold firm on the door. They are also subjected to testing to ensure homeowners have the confidence the handle will hold in an attempted attack.  


TS 007 Standard
To help consumers understand the different cylinders and security hardware. The DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) introduced a technical standard called TS 007. To define security performance for replacement cylinders and associated security hardware.

The TS 007 standard is aimed at guiding consumers to understand door cylinder security. It aims to protect cylinder locks (with and without associated hardware) against known methods of forced entry. Including picking, manipulation, extraction, bumping and snapping.

The standard uses a simple star system to make it easy to understand the security level a product meets. In many instances this security level (star rating) is marked on the product itself. Making it even easier for a consumer to understand the level of protection provided.

Door cylinders may achieve one or three stars whilst security hardware (security door handles) may achieve two stars. The combination of a cylinder and security door handle is the cumulative star rating of the two components.

A cumulative star rating of three is the minimum to achieve the level of security required to defend against the opportunist burglar. For example, you can use a combination of a:

  • 1-star cylinder with 2-star security door handle; or
  • 3-star cylinder with a standard door handle

Using the star ratings (1, 2 or 3 stars), customers and the end consumer can make informed choices about the security of their door. Using this visual indicator and the TS 007 guidance, it is easier for manufacturers to educate consumers to check and potentially upgrade cylinders on older doors.

Any fabricator wishing to test a new door to PAS 24 will need to fit a TS 007 solution. Whether this is a 3 Star cylinder or a 1 Star cylinder in combination with a 2 Star security door handle.

Door security solutions from ERA
The Fab&Fix Berwick 2 Star handle from ERA has been expertly designed and independently tested to meet the TS 007-1:2014+A2 Corr 2 standard.

The clever design of the door handle creates a barrier to protect the cylinder from an attack. When used in conjunction with the ERA 1 Star anti-bump cylinder, the combination meets the recommended TS 007 3 Star security level. To defend against an opportunist burglar.

The sculptured backplate design discourages any unwelcome attention from mole grips. The shape makes gripping the backplate difficult and removal of the external handle impossible. The strengthened external backplate acts as a cylinder guard, shielding the cylinder behind. Preventing an attack on the cylinder and the removal of the handle from the door.

There is a visible 2 Star Kitemark on the handle itself. Which indicates the handle's performance and acts as a key visual deterrent to prevent any unwanted interest.
Although providing the optimum security, the style wasn’t neglected.

The Berwick door handle is styled to sit within the Fab&Fix Classic hardware range. With matching hardware across letterplates, numerals and knockers. It’s available in a comprehensive range of the Fab&Fix perfectly matching suited finishes. That coordinate with over 200 products across the Fab&Fix portfolio.

Each piece of Fab&Fix hardware is engineered for enhanced strength and durability. The key to this enhancement is Hardex, an invisible skin that creates unmatchable resilience. Hardex finishes offer exceptional resilience and durability.

From beautiful Hardex finishes in Chrome, Gold, Graphite and Antique Black, to the standard white and black. Whether it's for a retrofit or a new application, there is a security door handle finish to suit.

The sculptured backplate discourages unwanted attention from mole grips.

The clever shape makes gripping the backplate difficult and removing the external handle impossible.

Within the backplate of the external handle is a hidden strengthening plate.

Manufactured from solid forged aluminium that helps prevent the removal of the handle. 

With peace of mind

Approved by the police preferred initiative Secured By Design, the Berwick TS 007 security door handle can offer a beautiful, yet secure addition to your door security.

Sarah Knight, Product Manager at ERA, commented: “For over 180 years, ERA has continued to set the standard for security and reliability. This, when combined with Fab&Fix’s 30 years of experience delivering first class finishes. Enable us to provide our customers with a security door handle solution. That not only delivers the highest standards of protection but looks good for the lifetime of the door.”

ERA has a broad range of security solutions, for more information visit eraeverywhere.com