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Security considerations for multi-generational households

The UK’s range of recent socio-economic changes has led to a rise in multi-generational households. Alongside this, smart home technology has continued to gain momentum, with many homeowners choosing devices that utilise automation to ensure the safety of their loved ones and belongings, whilst achieving convenience throughout their daily routines. Richard Sehdeva, Design Team Manager at ERA, discusses why keyless entry and exit technology, such as ERA’s unique TouchKey system, can provide modern households with a security solution that aligns with the preferences of each family member.  

The rise of the multi-generation household

With some young adults unable to afford mortgages, in addition to a proportion of the ageing population being faced with increasing costs of care, multi-generational households are becoming a popular means of sharing monetary responsibilities between families.

In fact, a Legal and General report found that 1.8 million UK households are now multi-generational. With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge that as a result, home security solutions need to be adapted to the needs of the ranging ages that make up this type of household.

Furthermore, as technology progresses, and the requirements of smart home security increase, it is important that new market options consider all ages and abilities when it comes to ease of use. Here are some of the benefits of using a solution that combines the latest technology with tried and tested methods of traditional security hardware. 

Built to suit all preferences

The younger generation, especially those born after 2000, are likely to lean towards the use of technology in their day-to-day lives, given that they are digital natives. In contrast, the older generation may feel less comfortable with new technologies for numerous reasons, not least because they have grown up without them for a large proportion of their lives. Cognitive decline may also feed into this, given that it can be difficult for some elderly people to pick up the skills required to make use of the latest technology.

Despite these differences, adequate security that is easy to operate is essential regardless of age or technical ability. Therefore, a solution such as TouchKey, allows for flexibility, providing both age groups with a suitable method of entry.

Younger members of the household can come and go, using several modern features, including a fingerprint scan, voice unlock command, Bluetooth connection and use of the smartphone app. Whereas those less comfortable with technology can use the traditional key method.

In addition, on the off-chance a key gets left behind, a user can access the property with a fingerprint, if stored on the system, or with a one-time digital eKey that can be sent to their smartphone, so all is not lost if a member of the household forgets to take their key or misplaces it.

Supports accessibility for all users

Another concern for residents is accessibility. Those with restricted mobility and motor skills that may struggle with using keys and with the lifting of heavy handles, have options with a product like TouchKey. Despite these difficulties, those affected should feel confident in entering and exiting their property, with no compromise to their freedoms. TouchKey is a  smart security solution combined with mechanical hardware can remedy this kind of problem by helping the user to avoid frustrating incidents.

No keys or passcodes are necessary given that a door fitted with the TouchKey solution can be opened via biometric technology; put simply, with the touch of a finger. The solution scans the fingerprint and grants access to authenticated prints stored on the system for easy access. 

In addition, the mechanical hardware locks automatically behind the entrant with no need to lift a heavy handle or use a key to secure the door. When it’s time to leave again, the door opens with ease by twisting the internal thumbturn.

Built to suit all lifestyles

The versatility that such an offering can afford a cohabiting family of mixed generations makes it an excellent addition to the home. Not only can the TouchKey benefit those with accessibility problems, but it is useful for children heading home with school bags, or parents with shopping, given that a simple scan of their fingerprint or the use of geolocation via Bluetooth can grant hassle-free access.

The TouchKey can also come in handy for those who need one-time access to a property, which is likely in a busy household. For example, healthcare professionals and extended family can be sent a digital eKey to gain scheduled access, which expires outside of the agreed time and can be revoked, if needs be. 

TouchKey Opportunities

The TouchKey offers a solution to the challenges that can come with security in a multi-generational household; ensuring that everyone’s preferences are considered, whilst providing the most intuitive of security benefits.  

This is achieved with the inclusion of the latest modern technology, but also with tried and tested qualities such as an anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill cylinder and an auto-fire multi-point door lock that fires six locking points upon closure.

Timber and composite door manufacturers can capitalise on the combination of smart home technology with robust mechanical hardware, given its wide appeal to all residents. Add to that, TouchKey’s credentials, including its BSI Kitemark™ for Smart Residential Locking Devices, and homeowners are likely to be impressed with its high-quality and industry backing.

For further information on TouchKey visit our information page or contact the sales team at 01922 490 000 or email [email protected].