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Opening the door to increased sales opportunities

According to the latest research by Security Sales and Integration, estimated global spend on smart home security systems will reach £35.6 billion by 2024; double that of 2020. As consumer appetite for home automation continues to increase,  Kerry Blackford, Senior CategoryManagerat ERA, explores the cross-selling opportunities that smart security products present to locksmiths when upgrading traditional hardware on residential properties. 

Hardware and smart security are essentially designed and engineered to fulfil the same aim - to provide unrivalled levels of protection and peace of mind for homeowners. Whilst both systems fulfil the same objective, they utilise different, yet complementary, technologies. So, when the two types are applied to the same property, the overall level of protection that can be achieved is twofold.

By adopting this combined approach to security, locksmiths can capitalise on cross-selling opportunities by recommending a combination of hardware and smart security systems that can be utilised together to meet the specific security requirements of each customer.

For example, a locksmith may be completing a lock upgrade on an entrance door to a 3* cylinder with the Sold Secure Standard and £2,000 anti-snap guarantee to deliver the highest possible standard of physical protection.

To provide homeowners with an additional layer of security and peace of mind, locksmiths can recommend smart security systems such as video doorbells and external cameras that provide real-time monitoring of the entrance door. By working with a manufacturer that provides both traditional and smart security solutions, locksmiths can discreetly and conveniently store the stock in the back of their van to physically show homeowners the potential smart upgrades they could also have installed at the same time.


Whilst the majority of homeowners will be familiar with these types of cameras, latest advancements in technology are providing locksmiths with the opportunity to cross-sell and differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering them the ability to manage, access and view footage from these devices in real-time via an app.

Smart security ecosystems such as ERA Protect allow these individual devices to work together to protect every element of a property. By integrating the products onto a single system via an encrypted network, locksmiths can educate customers on how to achieve more effective and comprehensive real-time surveillance of their property at any time.

The ERA Protect smart alarm and camera system transmits alerts and notifications from every device to users via an app, as and when motion is detected. There are huge advantages to individuals being able to remotely view video footage from each internal, external, floodlight or doorbell cameras in real time, because it provides the opportunity for intervention before an intruder gains access to a property. The addition of two-way talk capabilities for the floodlight and internal cameras, in addition to the doorbell camera, can be used to alert, communicate with and deter potential intruders.

App-based monitoring also allows homeowners to identify security weak points, even once they have left their property. For example, by integrating wireless window sensors into a smart alarm system, homeowners can receive app notifications that a window has been left open accidentally. A user can check on the status of all security devices within their system via the app, allowing them to return home or call on neighbours, family or friends to re-secure any areas of their property that could otherwise leave their home vulnerable to intruders.

This self-monitoring via smartphones is a first step towards surveillance for many homeowners who may not have subscribed to the services of a 24/7 alarm response centre before. For those customers who do wish to have the back-up of professional monitoring, this too can be integrated into smart security systems. This means homeowners can not only survey their property from their smartphone whilst they are away, but they also have the peace of mind that a dedicated response centre is on hand to provide support, if required.

To help customers feel as confident with smart security systems as they do with traditional hardware, it’s worth recommending products that carry the BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices. Launched in 2018, it was developed to help consumers confidently identify IoT devices that they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.

For individuals who live in rural areas with temperamental internet connections, the digital aspect of smartware may present an initial concern. However, by recommending and installing ecosystems that switch to a built-in 4G roaming back-up SIM in the event of a broadband outage, installers can provide customers with the confidence that the system will always remain online. In the event of an outage, if the alarm triggers, the hub will allow continuous recording of HD video to the cloud.

As the demand for home automation continues to increase, locksmiths can fulfil the requirements of every customer by offering a complementary suite of hardware and smart security from a single manufacturer to deliver ultimate levels of protection and surveillance.