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Offering Your Customers Peace of Mind When Purchasing Home Security Solutions

Consumers are increasingly searching for smart home solutions that can help to support their busy, modern lives. However, many are wary of introducing connected devices into their homes because of concerns about privacy. Here, Ben Penson, Technical, Innovation and Development Director at ERA, discusses how the BSI Kitemark™ for Smart Residential Locking Devices can provide customers with peace of mind when it comes to protecting their household. 

Individuals are turning to the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) increasingly to automate daily tasks, monitor devices, and even improve transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare experiences. Therefore, it is only natural that consumers look to IoT to improve their home security and ensure peace of mind when it comes to protecting their loved ones and hard-earned possessions. According to Statista, such is the demand for smart home technology, that the industry’s estimated global worth will be over $182.4 million by 2025. 

Trust in the Internet of Things

Despite this, according to Gartner’s 2020 IoT report, 88% of people still don’t trust smart home solutions. Further research from the University of Warwick found that primary concerns surrounding this kind of technology include its potential risk to privacy and the threat of security breaches. This is understandable given that the nature of connected devices means that they can potentially be open to breaches.

Therefore, it stands to reason that while consumers are demanding more from their technology in order to protect their homes and loved ones, they need to be reassured that the devices they are using offer the maximum protection against cyber-criminals and data leaks.

The BSI Kitemark™ for Smart Residential Locking Devices

This is where the BSI Kitemark™ for Smart Residential Locking Devices comes in. Introduced in 2022, the Kitemark™ offers robust single testing and certification for all types of locking devices. This new standard combines the BSI Kitemark™ for IoT with TS 621 and TS 007-2, which evaluates the integrity of both the mechanical and connected parts of a smart lock.

The BSI Kitemark™ for IoT independently verifies connected devices, including security cameras, alarm systems and keyless solutions. The BSI IoT framework ensures the safe use of smart home devices by putting them through rigorous testing; making certain that products can fulfil their duties correctly with the relevant security controls in place. The TS 621 and TS007- 2 standards test a product’s physical durability, weather resistance, mechanical resilience, along with security and drill vulnerabilities.

Since its inception in 1903, the BSI Kitemarkhas been highly regarded by consumers. In a survey from Growth for Knowledge, 88% of UK adults said that they trust BSI Kitemarkproducts more than alternatives, and 93% believe that products with the Kitemark are safer.

Given their quality assurance credentials, products with the Kitemarkare a stand-out option for those who take home security seriously. With the mark indicating state-of-the-art home technology combined with iron-clad security controls; it offers the ideal solution, ensuring trust and quality in connected products.

Door manufacturers who incorporate these types of security solutions are certain to reap a multitude of benefits as a result, such as better customer satisfaction, retention, and a stronger brand position. Not to mention a competitive advantage over manufacturers using non-Kitemarked items and the ability to command premium prices.


The Trusted TouchKey Solution

Following years of meticulous research and development, home security expert ERA has introduced the next generation keyless door solution – TouchKey, complete with the BSI Kitemark for Smart Residential Locking Devices, with the company being one of the first to market with the new accreditation.


Carlos Perez Ruiz, Global Digital & Connected Product Certification Director at BSI, says:

“The Kitemarksets the standard for how smart locking devices should be viewed and assessed, providing homeowners with an independent certification that enables them to easily identify smart home products, such as TouchKey, as being both trustworthy and reliable.”

As the smart security sector continues to grow, we look forward to continuing to work with ERA in the future so that the organization can maintain and enhance its security controls.” 


TouchKey combines traditional mechanical door hardware with multi-level authentication technology. The door’s handle can recognise fingerprints using the latest 3D advanced technology and can also be unlocked via Bluetooth with geolocation technology, app activation and voice unlock. It also has a hidden key override function for an added layer of accessibility.

While ERA has certainly gone the extra mile to ensure the product offers consumers a solid security solution, the aesthetics haven’t been an afterthought by any means. The sophisticated design is available in the Fab&Fix Hardex Chrome and Graphite finishes, complementing over 200 products within the range.

With ERA’s TouchKey offering having been assessed to the highest standard, the product can offer security-savvy consumers comfort in their choice of keyless security without compromising on technical, mechanical, and aesthetic qualities that will revolutionise the home security industry and transform the daily lives of customer’s wanting to put theirs and their loved ones’ safety first. 


Discover more about TouchKey