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Neighbourhood Watch Charter Celebrates 1,320 Sign Ups

One year on, the Community Safety Charter is now established as a core element of Neighbourhood Watch’s work tackling antisocial behaviour and crimes in public spaces. The Charter reflects widespread public concerns at a time when 64%* of people are worried about experiencing fly-tipping in the coming year and 59%* are worried about experiencing other antisocial behaviours. 

With the support of local volunteers, along with the use of central resources, the Community Safety Charter helps communities to tackle local crimes in public spaces, such as harassment, hate crime, and antisocial behaviour.

Over 1,320 individuals and organisations have signed up to the Charter since its launch and are receiving tailored information, support, and tools to help recognise and report crime and support those affected.

Those who sign up, including individuals, businesses, organisations, local authorities, parish councils, schools, and Police and Crime Commissioners, are encouraged to safely address public crimes and help make their community more connected and resilient. The free Charter provides bi-monthly modules on issues such as harassment, hate crime, antisocial behaviour, bystander intervention, confrontation, and leading change. 


ERA, a long-standing supporter of the Neighbourhood Watch charity, has become the Charter’s first official corporate sponsor. The leading security solutions company has been protecting households across the UK for over 180 years.  By developing an extensive selection of smart security solutions including smart alarm and camera systems, as well as mechanical door and window locks.

Helen Downer, UK and Ireland President of ERA’s parent company, Tyman plc, commented: “We are extremely proud to have been working with the Neighbourhood Watch for more than seven years.  In support of the charity’s vision to eliminate harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation experienced by anyone who lives, works, studies, or visits anywhere in England and Wales.

“In signing up to the Charter we pledge our commitment to continue to work together to provide an environment that is safer for everyone.  Providing the Neighbourhood Watch members with exclusive advice and access to our security products.  All tried and tested deterrents from burglaries and anti-social behaviour.”

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch, said: “Since 2016, ERA has supplied thousands of homeowners with Neighbourhood Watch-endorsed products, and raised awareness of how to prevent burglaries and anti-social behaviour through joint campaigns and webinars.

“As we celebrate the first anniversary of our Community Safety Charter, we couldn’t be happier to welcome ERA onboard as its first official corporate sponsor.”

The Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner has commissioned a Neighbourhood Watch project to champion the Charter in several areas of high crime, deprivation, and antisocial behaviour to enable a strong community response to address the issues and reduce its incidence and impact.


 Cllr Mark Coker, Plymouth City Council said: “I was very proud to be one of the first to sign up to the Community Safety Charter in Plymouth. The information provided aids me to help local people in my area even more. This free resource is something that I recommend everyone to sign up for.”

Jasmine Allen, Paignton Community Hub Lead, Torbay Health and Wellbeing Network, said: “Signing up to the Community Safety Charter has been very beneficial for our work to continue to support the public in the Torbay area. Highly recommend to everyone interested in supporting others and being a positive force of good in your local area.”


To sign up or find out more visit ourwatch.org.uk/charter