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Jacqui Hames Blog, July 2017

Like millions of others I watched the Glastonbury festival last weekend on television with a mixture of envy at not being there and smugness at being able to watch all the amazing acts from the comfort of my own home. A fridge full of Sauvignon Blanc, unhealthy snacks, and best of all - sleeping in my own bed, what more could I ask. The sheer joy of it all allowed us, for a few days at least, to be transported from the tumultuous era in which we are currently living.

Jacqui Hames PHOTO.jpg

I absolutely loved it - from the intensity of the Foo Fighters, nostalgia of Barry Gibb (I've always been a 70’s disco diva at heart) to the lyrical joy of Ed Sheeran - there was something for everyone to get lost in.

Whether it's Festivals, weekends away or annual holidays we all need to escape work - and indeed the problems and worries of daily life - even if it's just for a few days.

The worst part is tramping home with dirty clothes, and bags full of mud and the thought of getting back to the grindstone. Unfortunately for far too many there is another potentially nasty surprise awaiting us. Sadly the festival and holiday season also offers up great opportunities for the burglar. The potential of an empty household for at least a few days is often too tempting to miss, and too many households fall victim every summer, souring what should such a happy time.

Fortunately we live in the age of the Smartphone connected alarms and the clever boffins at ERA have come up with a whole range of innovative ways of providing not only peace of mind when it comes to protecting our homes whilst we're away, but also real time monitoring and alerts if something should happen.

So if some low-life burglar should attempt to enter your home just some of the alarm options include a message automatically being sent via phone or text to 5 emergency contacts, and you will also receive a message such as ‘intruder alert in kitchen’, and the alarm also going off if someone even tries to tamper with the control panel or siren. How often have we heard an alarm going off in the neighbourhood and not really paid much attention - sad but true. I used to find that when an alarm first started then sometimes a neighbour or passerby might take notice and dial 999, but with so many contending noises, too often they get lost in the mix. Having the advantage of being alerted by your phone app puts you firmly back in control and could make a vital difference to someone being caught or even better prevented from going further.

There are many other features to the range which you can adapt to your own lifestyle, adding new ones when you need to, a whole array of choice which fits any pocket or requirement.

So enjoy the holiday and festivals season and throw caution to the wind in the safe knowledge your home is protected. As for me I've finally been talked into leaving the cosines of my home to venture out to the Reading Festival in August,  no doubt to see if I can re-awaken the rock chick in me, so who is Eminem anyway?