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WHICH Padlock?

Whatever time of year, Padlocks are a security option used to protect our valuables such as locking cupboards, garages, sheds and gates yet often, it is the security we think least about, with many assuming ‘a Padlock is a Padlock’ and never realising the type of Padlock they choose is essential. Given most padlocks have no accompanying information to explain the differences in a store, how are we supposed to know the differences between one padlock versus another?

So, first, it is important to understand what level of security you need. It is worth noting the padlocks are different in orientation and style for a reason. It might look strong but what you really want to know is that you have got the right Padlock for the job in mind. There are 3 main types of Padlock security – Standard, High and Professional.

Standard Security

For Standard security requirements, ask yourself first, is it going to be for inside (such as on a suitcase or cupboard door) or outside on a shed or a gate? For inside, traditional brass padlocks are perfect, but for outside, you might want to consider a Weatherproof Padlock which offers protection against the elements such as ice and rain as well as against thieves!

High Security

For High-Security requirements, such as a garage or lockup, it’s wise to look for protection against picking, bumping and drilling. Some have a hardened lock body to protect the cylinder and the shackle itself is made from hardened Molybdenum that makes it difficult to cut through or saw and these locks have a dual ball bearing system to protect against pulling. 

Professional Security

Then there are Professional Security Padlocks - ultimate in security. These are heavy-duty hardened steel padlocks that offer the best protection against intruders and would be ideal for locking up a field. These Padlocks are mostly used when a thief may have privacy at their disposal and therefore extended time to try and attack a Padlock.

Having decided on the security level you need, the second thing is to understand what you intend to use the Padlock for.


Size is important - You can get padlocks with extra-long shackles if needed but only if they are essential; as the more of the shackle is exposed, the easier it is for someone to cut through. It’s really important that you choose the right size Padlock for the job. Some padlocks have closed shackles or discus padlocks for applications where you can barely see the shackle to cut it or crow bar it and many have hardened Molybdenum Shackle. Sometimes insurance companies require you to use these for things like storefront entries, cabinets or tool stores. If you would prefer not to carry keys, such as entry into an allotment or into a family members house, consider the combination lock or a key safe. The combination lock offers over 10,000 combinations or alternatively, a key safe, which is wall mountable and can store up to 5 keys – you just punch in your code (which is set by you) and it will open to allow access to the stored keys.


Finally, choose a good brand that you know you can trust - There is a vast range of cheap Padlocks on the market which may look secure but in reality, offer very little security protection and can corrode easily. ERA's five lever padlock offers ideal security for gates, garages and sheds. ERA has been providing quality locking systems since 1838. Combining time served experience with innovation and excellence, ERA prides itself on providing quality products you can rely on and trust today.

5 Lever Padlocks

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