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Social Media Tips and Tricks - Facebook

The best social media platform for tradesmen and women to get custom is Facebook. According to Facebook Audience Insights, there are 35-40 million monthly active users on the platform. 52% are women and 48% men.

If you haven’t already, add your business logo to your profile photo. Ensure it fits as Facebook uses a circle rather than a square. If you need help making it fit, you can contact [email protected] and we will adjust the dimensions.

Add an eye catching cover image or video and invite your friends to like your page. The more people you can get to support your page the better.


Fill in the about section on your page. This includes your general, additional contact details and more info. Try to fill in as much as possible and think about what potential customers will need to know. Also add your story, tell people how your business started and how it’s got to where it is now. Potential customers like to know a little background information. It makes them feel more confident in who they choose.

How to get customers

  • Join and share to buy, sell groups in the areas you cover. You can also do the same with any ‘Find a Tradesperson’ groups.
  • Enable reviews on your page and ask customers to leave feedback after a job. Potential customers will see these reviews and be more at ease when choosing you.
  • Regular promotions and sales will bring in new customers. You can also offer  discounts when you first start out your business or have a new product so you can gain customers.
  • Provide solutions to everyday situations. For example we recently shared a post regarding statistics on door scam victims. We said our DoorCam is a great solution to avoid this. (see image).
  • Show the face/faces behind the business. People like to see people and know you are a genuine person.
  • Tailor paid adverts to your target audience. You want your posts to reach people who need your services.
  • Take before and after photos of your work and share them with your followers. 

How to build Facebook likes and engagements

  • Run competitions encouraging people to like and comment. Do NOT ask people to share your post or tag friends as Facebooks algorithm will detect it as a spam post and it will reach less people.
  • Be consistant with your posts. Posting 5 times a week is a good amount to continue to be seen on Facebook. If you only post every now and again your likes and reach will fall.
  • Post seasonal content that link to events and awarness days as this is what many users will like, comment and share with their Facebook frends. See image refering to National Picnic Month that we posted in July. You can find out these dates on Google.
  • Time your posts right for your followers. Test out posting at different times in the day and see when you get the most reach and engagement. Post morning, afternoon and night time. You can use your page insights to determine what time range is best. For example post between 6pm and 9pm. There is also an option to schedule your posts so you don’t have to keep remembering.
  • Do NOT post or share political or potentially fake news posts. Some of your followers could be highly offended by these. Occasionally post funny content that you know your followers will like. Relate it to you or your services. Do not make it something completely random and irrelevant.
  • Remember, your page is unique to your business and dont compare yourself to other pages likes. Likes are not everything when you’re getting work.

How to get the most out of Facebook ads

When choosing your target audience you need to know who you are trying to sell to. For example, you are a locksmith trying to sell your services so you wouldn’t target ences that interests are ‘locksmith’ as more than likely thats their job too. Instead, target people interested in home improvements or renovation. You could be more specific and target an age range or mums as they’re more likely to want increased security and need someone to fit it.


Post a video as your ad rather than an image. Facebook do recommend videos are 3 minutes long or more but we advise a minimum of 1 minute long. Include people/yourself and speaking is a good idea. Customers want to see real life and well thought out content but you do not need to spend a lot of money creating a video, simply use your phone.

Once you find what works stick to it. If a certain target audience in your ads is bringing in new and existing customers, keep using it. Focus on generating business rather than more likes. You may need to test a few different audiences with a low budget until you find the right one. As mentioned previously use your page insights to determine the best audience for your ads.

Facebook 4 Key Tips

  1. Ask your followers questions
  2. Videos reach more people
  3. Understand your target auidence
  4. Make use of targeted ads