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Case Study Schlegel: Q-Lon (Spain)

Weco Windows, awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2015, is a “start-up” that focuses on innovation and design by putting wooden windows back in the panorama of contemporary technological design, using Q-Lon foam seals.

When they decided to launch an innovative window design, the architects Iciar de las Casas and Rosario Chao of Weco Windows did not hesitate to choose Schlegel Q-Lon foam seals for their technical values and maximum result in operation. With plywood frame and sheet of double or triple frameless glass, their window WECO 2C uses a system of triple weatherstripping to achieve: minimum thermal conductivity, and maximum soundproofing and energy efficiency. Another key factor in their nomination has been international recognition, to provide window performance proven in any part of the world. Including Q-Lon in its components, Weco Windows has revolutionised the classic wooden window, combining the warmth of this noble material with the contemporary look of the bare glass.


According to the Red Dot jury:

"WECO 2C impresses with its large-scale and elegant appearance made possible by the use of new technologies and high-quality construction elements.” 

The sash in this wood window incorporates glass and hardware in a single assembly, without a frame, maximizing the window’s open area. The double or triple-glazed sash is mounted on the interior face of the wood frame in the wall. The windows are available in fixed, tilt-and-turn and sliding options, and lengths of up to six meters. The triple gasketing offers optimal thermal and acoustic performance.

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