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Is your Letterplate compliant? Fab&Fix launches Nu Mail Shield

In February 2016 a revision to the PAS24 security standard was published governing letterplate security, requiring all doors to have a TS008:20151 compliant letterplate fitted, eliminating the risk of manipulation or ‘fishing’ to gain access to a property.  In response, ERA has developed the Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield, fully colour matched in Fab&Fix’s perfectly matching Hardex finishes.  

The Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield works with the Fab&Fix Nu Mail 76mm letterplate and, when combined is approved and tested to TS008:2015.  Allan Whittaker, Product Manager at ERA comments: “this will be a popular letterplate solution for door fabricators looking for an attractive and compliant solution.  Fab&Fix is well regarded as the largest and most technically capable collection of hardware on the market so a fabricator looking for a solution need go no further.”


The Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield is available in 7 finishes: Hardex Bronze, Hardex Chrome, Hardex Graphite, Hardex Gold, Antique Black, Black and White.  Fabricators using the Fab&Fix Nu Mail Shield are not required to present their door for additional testing as long as the fabricator presents the Nu Mail Shield testing report. 


Allan concludes: “as with everything we develop at ERA we’ve always got the needs of the fabricator front of mind.  We’re continually extending the Fab&Fix range to ensure that not only do we have the most comprehensive range of perfectly matching decorative hardware in the UK, it also delivers maximum compliance with the latest security requirements.”