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Fab&Fix raises the bar again

With decades of experience in the design and manufacture of window and door hardware, Fab&Fix is in a league of its own when it comes to products that offer the highest level of aesthetics and functionality. ERA’s Group Marketing & Innovation Director, Will Butler, explains how under ERA ownership, Fab&Fix has also enhanced the security of its products: “Because ERA is a Total Security business, the need for products to be robust under attack permeates every aspect of the range – from our handles to our TS008 letterplate solution. There’s nothing quite like having a UKAS accredited test facility on site to really concentrate the minds of an NPD team!”

Will goes on to explain why the Hardex finish is still the best on the market: “A resilient, polished surface is about far more than the number and sequence of coats applied. It’s about surface design, substrate composition, casting, curing temperature gradients… Hardex has taken years to perfect – longer than some of our competitors have even been in the market! The result is a product which outperforms on practically every level.”

Backed by the company’s “It takes more than one handle to rock the world” advertising campaign, 2017 sees Britain’s widest selection of hardware grow even larger with the introduction of two entirely new Fab&Fix ranges – Architectural and Heritage.

Alongside the market leading Classic and S Series products, Fab&Fix now has the hardware solution for every style of home with over 200 products to chose from in up to 10 different finishes.

F&F Rock World_1.png

Will continues, “ When it comes to hardware, range is everything. Long gone are the days when homeowners would settle for mismatched handles and doorknockers – a coordinated set is now the baseline. Sure, some of our competitors can offer this, but only if the homeowner is happy with a choice of one handle, one letterplate and one knocker. Can you imagine consumers being offered a choice of one in any other sector? Door fabricators certainly know how to offer choice, they have fantastic selections of styles and colours - that’s why so many have decided to compliment their doors with Fab&Fix, the Ultimate Hardware Range.”