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The most secure Window Lock - Extreme3

The most secure window lock in the UK - the ERA Extreme3 is designed to withstand an attack from every angle: back-and-forward, side-to-side and up-and-down.  For window fabricators looking for the ultimate in locking then this is it, no other window lock available in the UK can offer anywhere near the same level of protection as the Extreme3.

Tested by an independent laboratory to double the required standard of PAS24, the Extreme3 uses a minimum of eight visible locking mechanisms to secure the window giving the fabricator a window that’s three times stronger than its nearest rival.  Much the same way door security works by pulling the door tightly into the frame, the Extreme3 works by using patented locking technology with two steel cams either side of the centre deadbolt sliding into a central keep. In addition to this, the patented docking system of the bolt prevents sideways movement when under attack providing security to the centre section of the window.


Security can be enhanced even further with ‘round the corner 3D locking’ using Extreme Power Brace Keeps plus 3D security cams increasing the number of locking points to ten. The heavy duty shootbolts have up to 300% greater contact area giving visual differentiation from any other window lock out there.    


Moving window locking technology into a new era, Extreme3 uses materials and design fundamentals from the automotive and aerospace industries.  Kerry Blackford, Head of Product Development at ERA comments: 

Extreme Situ.jpg
Extreme 3.png

“The Extreme3 is perfect for a fabricator looking for quick to fit, ultimate security performance.  There is a vast choice of locks available to fabricators in the UK and we recognise it can be a minefield to pick out the right one - all we can say is Extreme3 is the answer.  Backed by the ERA Total Security Guarantee the Extreme3 gives both the fabricator and ultimately the homeowner definitive peace of mind.”