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Do smart home security systems add value for a fabricator?

The smart home security system revolution you say, what’s that and how can it possibly affect the way we make windows and doors? Well, smart technology is becoming more prevalent in many diverse aspects of our lives. It was only a matter of time before its availability mainstream for windows and doors was something we needed to take more seriously.

It has featured in hotels and commercial buildings for a while, but for residential, smart locks on your doors and windows hasn’t proved that popular, but it's coming! Although, the acceptance of it still does have a way to go.


Using smart technology to secure your house, is a completely different concept for most people, than using it to control your heating or tell you the weather. There has to be a belief in the security, reliability and useability of the product before people will commit to the costs involved to upgrade to a ‘smart security’ system. 

Smart home security systems

One way to alleviate some of those concerns would be to introduce smart tech into a home slowly before investing in a whole smart ecosystem. Many smart home security systems are modular, so could offer a tangible way for a fabricator or installer, to introduce this technology to their customers.


Offering just a small range of smart security devices in addition to the purchase of new windows and doors is a great opportunity for added value. Once installed, it may take another 10 years for a homeowner to need replacement windows and doors.


But, if you can offer additional smart home security devices and encourage them to expand as they go, then there is a real possibility of repeat business.


A smart outdoor camera or video doorbell may provide a practical way for customers to start to use the technology, understand its benefits; and the added peace of mind it brings. Their home security now doesn’t just stop at the window or entrance door; they can have whole perimeter security with the addition of a couple of key products.


The increase in popularity of summer houses, remote home offices and garden rooms (and bars) are also key opportunities outside of the walls of the home for such smart devices. Security cameras that can be viewed via a smartphone are a great way to keep an eye on outbuildings. Many of these buildings are often a short way from the house and may be difficult to see. The use of high definition security cameras means that surroundings can be easily viewed day or night, from wherever.


Expand and extend

Once familiar with the app and technology, you can then introduce the idea of other devices. A wireless smart home alarm system, indoor camera and ultimately a smart keyless door lock will give the homeowner optimum functionality. As they all work together within the same smart ecosystem and app, it makes the introduction of these additional items seem less daunting. The homeowner already trusts the system, and understand how it works which makes your task much simpler!


Smart technology can even be included at the point of manufacture; window sensors can be built into the eurogroove during fabrication, providing discreet monitoring for new windows. It's then a simple job of upselling a smart hub to the homeowner for them to secure the benefits.


Connecting the window sensor to a smart hub means the homeowner will be alerted if their window is left open or if the sensor has been tampered with via forced entry. Once a smart hub is installed, their interest in the other compatible accessories develops further opportunities. 


Be smart about information

A fabricator or installer, you would simply need to inform and educate the homeowner on the availability of this smart security technology and how it can enhance their window and door purchase. It doesn’t have to be daunting, most manufacturers can support you to do this. They have tools that can talk directly to your customers, so you don’t have to be experts in all things ‘smart’. Or have helplines for any support the homeowner may need.


For fabricators and installers, smart technology should be embraced as it evolves. It can deliver lots of benefits to homeowners, provide opportunities to upsell and in terms of what the technology can do there are endless possibilities. Watch this space . . .  


For more information on how ERA’s smart ecosystem ERA Protect could be a simple addition to your existing product portfolio, contact us or visit the ERA Protect information page.