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ERA | @ERASecurity | 6 Hours ago

During the lockdown, 1 in 10 people rushed out to get a new pet, and as more people return to work, there is an inc… https://t.co/E48KvoNi69

ERA | @ERASecurity | 15 Hours ago

Monday blues? here's a joke to put a smile on your face 😁 Happy installing! 🛠 #Jokeoftheday #Happyinstallinghttps://t.co/eEUrQW3cir

ERA | @ERASecurity | 2 Days ago

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Alex Alex who? Alexplain more about our new Spire forged range door knocker 👉… https://t.co/3a0im2nEjR

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ERA's Commitment to Customer Collaboration

‘Collaboration.’ It is a word we hear often in the hardware market. There are any number of companies talking about how they like to take a ‘collaborative approach’ in their dealings with customers

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