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Fab&Fix: Perfectly Matching Hardware

Why Fab&Fix?

Hardware may be the last thing fitted, but it’s where the eye falls, the part we most frequently touch and operate, and the aspect by which we judge overall quality. It’s the reason our team works hard every day to create the ultimate in window and door hardware, with a level of service to match. Being the ultimate means never accepting “good enough” and always striving to do things better.

We didn’t accept that handles, hinges, letterplates and knockers had to come in different colours - we launched the industry’s first set of perfectly matching hardware. We didn’t accept that chrome products had to be less durable - we invented Hardex finishes, which can withstand up to 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. The result of this approach is hardware that looks exceptional, and never lets you down - we call it Form & Function. It’s why our customers can be proud to fit Fab&Fix, and their customers can be proud to make us part of their homes and workplaces.

Perfectly Matching Hardware vs. cheaper imitations

There are many cheaper less substantial alternatives to Fab&Fix decorative hardware in the market today, but as we all know cheaper doesn’t always mean more cost effective. On the surface products may look similar but dip just below the surface and uncover a different perspective. Many products claim a long lasting durable finish but at Fab&Fix we like to put those statements to the test using something called prohesion testing.

Developed by the coatings industry in recognition that traditional neutral salt spray accelerated corrosion tests did not accurately replicate the effects of real world exposure. The key difference is that prohesion testing involves a cycling process; test samples are exposed to a dilute salt solution followed by a period of drying, this allows residual salt deposits to accumulate and concentrate on the surface of the coatings just like the impact of rain and sun in real world use.

We subjected a number of Fab&Fix and competitive products to independent comparative testing that revealed some startling results. Prohesion cycling takes no prisoners in exposing coating weaknesses that could result in real world product failures and as you can see from the powerful images below the results speak for themselves.



Five years in development, Hardex finishes are among the most resilient and attractive in the world today.

It all starts with the expertise of our design engineers and tool makers - only the must refined castings make the grade for a Hardex coat. Time is then of the essence, it takes over 24 hours to perfect a single handle.

Meticulous preparation of the surface material is followed by a complex series of chemical baths, each submersion calculated to the second.

Now the product is ready for Hardex to be applied before curing in extreme temperatures. It’s a lot of effort, but we hope you’ll agree it’s worth it.

Finishes 1.jpg

But its not just about the finish . . .

It’s not in our nature to rest on our laurels, when we started developing Fab&Fix decorative hardware we wanted to create not just one or two items, but a home full of perfectly matching products giving our customers the widest range possible to choose from. Not only that, but we created distinctive ranges and products within those that match in form, so customers can pick their style from Classic, to Heritage, to Architectural - all made with the same care and attention every time.


Here at Fab&Fix, we don’t just create great looking hardware, we think about all the small details makingsure that you have the very best hardware with the ultimate coating - don’t be fooled by cheaper imitations, ensure you fit your doors and windows with the very best in decorative hardware.

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