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TrueGlide Sash Window Balances


Designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK, the ERA TrueGlide balance combines trusted design experience, build excellence and consistency. To deliver an exceptional solution for any sash window.


With true effortless operation and seamless glide, the TrueGlide balance ensures your sash windows have market-leading performance and reliability. In harmony, the TrueGlide spring balance, versatile gearing and beautiful Fab&Fix furniture work together in a sash window that really makes a statement.



Low operating forces allow the window to manoeuvre easily, smoothly and quietly with a mere superlight touch. For safety, each balance has dual action close to prevent any sudden closure of the window and trapping of fingers. The window closes smoothly to a safe point and then with a final motion fully closes.


Dual tension springs hold the window firmly in any chosen opening position and with an open coil structure, the inner spring generates a smoother, lighter operation with consistent force. Sophisticated lubricants built into the balance reduces any friction torsion and noise for superior sash lift.



We have an extensive range of sash window furniture in a variety of fully suited finishes. Including standard and high security cam locks and keeps, handles, eyes, pulls, travel restrictors and knobs. 

For versatility, high security cam locks are available in a classic, heritage or architectural style and fully suit to the bottom sash knobs. Each piece of hardware has unmatchable resilience from the patented Hardex coating. An invisible skin that creates the strength and durability to give you the ultimate in decorative sash hardware.


Supportive ordering made easy

As the one stop shop for VS TrueGlide balances, gearing and furniture ordering is simple, contact our dedicated customer services team on 01922 270747 or email [email protected]Or buy your Fab&Fix VS furniture and gearing online, just simply visit our shop below. 

We also have technical sash balances experts on hand should you need them or have any questions, please give us a call.